The Istrian Development Agency has been authorized by the Istria County to develop the IQ - Istrian Quality - Istarska  kvaliteta – Qualità istriana Quality Certification.

The IQ sign was registered in 2005 and in 2006 the relevant rules were drafted, the first label awarded in the same year to Istrian Malvazija wine, and in 2013 to Istrian Teran wine.

In 2018, work was done on developing the brand of Istria County through the IQ label, drafting and implementing regulations on IQ labels for extra virgin olive oil, spirits komovica, biska, ruda and medenica brandies), Istrian ham and honey, in order to systematically approach the branding process.

The right to use the IQ sign is awarded to products and services of above-average quality, produced or provided in the territory of the Istria County, resulting from the Istrian tradition, research and development, innovation and inventions.

The aim of the IQ rating evaluation and assignment program is to:


  • harness the potential of the Istria County as a region and raise the existing level of quality of Istrian products, as the concept of the country or region of origin gains more and more importance in the international market
  • encourage the development of domestic production and production technologies, and to stand out in the competitive environment
  • encourage creativity and innovation
  • promote the Istria County and Istrian identity and brand through products and services on the regional, national, European and world market
  • systematic education and support to users and label holders
  • networking of institutions in a joint effort to utilize the tourism potential of the Istria County in the branding process.

In addition to the Istrian Development Agency, which is the project manager of the program, the partners include Agency for Rural Development of Istria, Institute for Agriculture and Tourism Poreč, the Istria County Department for Agriculture, Forestry, Hunting, Fisheries and Water Management, the Istria County Department for Tourism, and Vinistra.