The SME support program has been implemented in the Istria County since 1997 and since its establishment in 1999, the Istrian Development Agency, with the support of the Istria County, has become the key implementing body for designing, contracting and placing on the market highly competitive lines of credit for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and craftsmen from the Istria County. 

The main goal of financial incentives for small and medium sized enterprises is to create a favorable entrepreneurial environment in the Istria County, thus contributing to the growth and development of existing business entities, the generation of new business entities and new jobs, as well as the development of the entire economy in the Istria County.

In 2005, with the aim of further developing and upgrading the financial support system to entrepreneurship through favorable lines of credit and providing additional assistance to entrepreneurs, IDA launched a guarantee scheme and established a Guarantee Fund, the first of its kind in the Republic of Croatia. The Guarantee Fund gives entrepreneurs in certain lines of credit the option of guarantees of up to 75% of the loan principal, regardless of whether they are beginners or those in the stage of growth and development.

Over time, IDA's investment in the financial support system for entrepreneurship resulted in a total of 17 successfully completed lines of credit, which supported 1900 business projects which worth 150 million EURO in total.