At the beginning of 2015, the IDA Research and Development Department "METRIS" was separated into a separate business unit – the Materials Research Center of the Region of Istria – METRIS, founded by the Istrian Development Agency – IDA Ltd. and the Region of Istria in equal founding shares.
By establishing METRIS, an infrastructure for research and development was created as a prerequisite for the development of innovation and the application of new technologies in processing industries in the Region of Istria and beyond. METRIS is a research and knowledge dissemination organization founded as a strategically important entity for the implementation of the EU and national R&D projects, for the improvement of the economy, for legal quality control of materials as industry support, for innovation in small and medium sized entrepreneurship, for the improvement of student programs, support for the scientific sector and the implementation of the popularization of science and professional education in the STEM area. Moreover, METRIS represents the bridge between scientific and development institutions and the economy.
METRIS operates in accordance with the standard HRN EN ISO 17025 and has at disposal modern research facilities, available in 7 modernly equipped laboratories in 3 departments; mechanical, chemical and biotechnological.
METRIS services have so far been used by 700 users from the private and public sectors for various R&D purposes.

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