Sources: (DZS), (HNB), Financial                     Agency(FINA), (HZMO),  (HGK)


Istria County is comprised of 10 cities and 31 municipalities, and has been among the best performing counties of Croatia in 2018, as evidenced by the county's economic power index published by the Croatian Chamber of Economy on the basis of average values ​​achieved over the past three years. The index is 29.3% higher than the average of the Republic of Croatia and an increase of 2% over the 2017 average for Istria County.

According to the available data in the reference period, the Istria County is at the top of the following key indicators: GDP per capita, net profit per employee and reduction of unemployment rate.

According to the latest available data from the Croatian Bureau of Statistics, in 2015 the average GDP per capita in the Istria County amounted to 13,224.79 EUR, which is 24.93% more than the average GDP per capita of the Republic of Croatia, while the rate of registered unemployment in 2017 it was 6.2%.

The key to the success of the Istrian economy is certainly in its diversification and greater investment in growing sectors and the potential for future growth. According to CBS data, the most prominent activities by GVA by counties in 2015 were accommodation, preparation and serving of food (20.0%) and the manufacturing industry (15.7%).